Centrifugal Casting

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Centrifugal Casting Method

Centrifugal cast pipes are used in various industries as boilers, industrial furnaces, chemical/petrochemical plants, and in many other applications.

Korfez Centrifuge specializes in centrifugal casting and manufactures centrifugal pipes of excellent quality. This unique technology accesses seamless pipe production of the desired dimension and desired chemical analysis.

What is centrifugal casting?

Centrifugal casting is a method where a permanent mold is rotated continuously about its axis at high speeds as the molten metal is poured. The molten metal is centrifugally thrown towards the inside mold wall, where it solidifies after cooling. The casting is usually a fine grained casting with a very fine grained outer diameter, owing to chilling against the mould surface. Impurities and inclusions are thrown to the surface of the inside diameter, which can be machined away.

Advantages of Centrifugal Casting

  • Parts and pipes can be cast without cores
  • The mechanical properities are superior to other casting methods due to non porous and clean microstructure
  • Tight dimensional tolerances and high quality surfaces
  • A wider range of alloy possibilities
  • It is possible to cast thin walled cylinders
  • Pouring temperature can be low due to high feed rate
  • Elimination of negative environmental effects created by the sand and additives
  • High efficiency levels are achieved with less energy consumption
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